Mary’s Experience with Angels


In her own life Mary experienced the coming of Angels as messengers from God and helpers on earth. She did so first during the Conception and Infancy of her Son Jesus. At the Annunciation, the Angel Gabriel announces to her that she will be the Mother of the Messiah who will be the Son of God. In the light of the knowledge that Angels were from God, she believes the Angel’s message and consents to become the mother of God’s Son.

She then hears from Joseph of the messages he receives via the Angel of the Lord concerning her mode of conception and, later, the way to outwit the wicked Herod. At the Visitation, Mary meets her cousin Elizabeth who also benefited from an Angelic mission. After the birth of Jesus, shepherds,  alerted by an Angelic choir come to meet the Child and to tell Mary and Joseph what had been told to them about Him. Mary treasured all these things and reflected on them in her heart” (Lk 2: 19 f) – including the appearance of the Angels!

Mary was also familiar with Angels by the fact that Jesus alluded to them at various times in his preaching. In addition to having intimate dealings with the Angels (Mt 4:11; Lk 22:43), Mary’s Son mentioned them as real and active beings.

He showed that they watched over human beings and always view the face of His Father (Mt 18:10), which no human can do. Moreover, their life escapes subjection to the flesh (Mt 22:30).

They are at Christ’s service, and He can demand their intervention during the time of His Passion (Mt 26:53). They will also be the executors of the Last Judgement (Mt 13: 39, 49; 24:31), and they always share in the Divine Joy when sinners repent (Lk 15:10). Hence, Mary was well versed on the subject of Angels.

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