Saying NO Made Easy


In our times when people speak of positive strokes, positive thinking and positive approach, it may appear to you a bit strange, somewhat out of tune, that in this book we are speaking of saying NO. Here we are speaking about a good, useful and benevolent No; not a hateful destructive or harmful one.

 Men who but pretend to be honest hide their faults from others and themselves alike; men who are really honest thoroughly recognise their faults and confess them.


“May I be fearless of the friend?


            Fearless of the foe,


                      Fearless of the unknown;


May our nights be without fear?


                            Our days without fear.”


  Be like the bee; take only what is good from what you see in others, and do good to them. Do not be like the beetle that enjoys both honey and dung alike.

 A dishonest choice may bring some



                          Apparent advantage;

But it robs you of your



                              And reputation

And leaves you tainted.

 Reflect well, think, plan and prepare your mind and heart well. Make sure as to what you want in life. Choose your purpose wisely; choose the best and stick to it.

 The one who always agrees with every request and hides his or her disagreement is in fact not a “very kind” person, but rather someone who lacks in self-respect. If you refusal upsets someone, remain calm, and if possible, free yourself from the situation and move away.

 Take care of your will. Purposeful action calls for a clear vision and an unconfused and firm will. Do not be in a hurry to tie what you cannot untie,” goes a proverb. And another proverb warns, “Judge not of men or things at first sight.”

 Mean what you say, say it without hurting, without feeling guilty and with grace.

                                                                                                                            Courtesy- Dr. George Kaitholil