Christian Education


On 2006 the Catholic Bishops of India in their General Body Meeting deliberated on the theme “Catholic Education and the Church’s concern for the marginalized”. It was decided that a policy document on Catholic Education in India should be made available to the entire Catholic Community of the country.

After much dialogue, discussion and collaboration at various levels of the Church the ‘All India Catholic Education Policy 2007″ was promulgated on 1 June 2007 by Cardinal Felesphore Placidus Toppo, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India.
“Education is the key to development and progress. With so much investment in personnel and money by the Church In the field of education, let the implementation of this policy usher in a new era in the life and mission of the Catholic Church in India”, said the Cardinal. In a fast-changing world, we cannot remain in the “Maintenance” mode but have to shift gears. Our educational institutions cannot be judged Icy academic results alone. We also need to pay attention to the poorer sections of society, even as we simultaneously evaluate our contribution to society.

“We ensure that our institutions do not pursue the narrow 00,11 of academic prestige, with a strong focus on marks and medals, but instead aim to foster human values and spiritual maturity among the staff and the students.In fact, if a Catholic institution, excellent as an academic institution, does not find it possible to implement the essential characteristics of our Christian values and is not committed to our Mission, we would consider it a radical failure on our part. Our educational endeavor is meant to lead us to the transformation of self, others, communities, and societies.Christianity is called to contribute to the building of a new society based on love, justice, and peace.

The policy statement needs to be widely discussed and put into action- otherwise, it will remain just a beautiful document with no bearing on our lives whatsoever.

This excerpt is written Taken from the Book “Life and it’s Values”



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