Role of Emotions in Prayer

Emotions prioritize thinking by directing attention to important information.While driving I pay attention only to the road and events happening on the road in front of me especially if I am on a busy road with lots of traffic.My fear of getting into an accident makes sure that my attention is focused.Emotional mood swings may change the individual’s perspective from optimistic to pessimistic, encouraging consideration of multiple points of view.One day I had a heated argument with the administrator of the Institute where I was teaching regarding the lack of facilities in the classroom after that, I went to the classroom to teach.I found that I could not focus on my teaching at all.I got irritated when the students asked me questions.My students were not aware of what of what had happened outside the classroom.They could only sense that I was irritated and impatient with them when they asked me questions.

Your thinking habits can make your own life and that of others heaven or hell.While working with some tribal groups that believed in black magic, I have seen the power of belief in black magic.Once I was called to help a man who was very sick and was dying.While talking to him, I realized that the cause of his serious sickness was his emotions and feelings connected with black magic.A week before my meeting with him, he saw a chicken with its throat slit lying in front of his house and blood smeared at the entrance of his house.He believed that an enemy was plotting his death and that his fate would be the same as that of the chicken whose throat was slit, the fear of which was so overwhelming that he immediately fell critically ill, to the point of death.Only when an antidote for the black magic was given to him, he began to recover.thinking, emotions, and behaviors intertwine very closely and each can affect each other: Voodoo deaths seem to come from the great anxiety and loss of hope in the cursed person caused by one overwhelming thought, the belief that death inevitably awaits.

Emotions affect our bodies and the current condition of the body affects emotions, in turn.

When we’re scared, anxious or angry, we have physical reactions like muscle tension, stomach churning, shortness of breath, head pounding and aching backs.Both negative and positive emotions have physical side-effects; we experience them in our bodies.Emotions travel through our bodies through the medium of neuropeptides and bind to small receptors exist in many locations throughout the body.Emotional information travels on neuropeptides and is able to bind to its receptor cells through the binding substance of ligands.The information is sorted through the differentiation of receptors, i.e, certain information binds to certain receptors.So our emotions are constantly being processed by our bodies.The brain and the body are exquisitely intertwined systems that are constantly interacting with the environment.All five senses are connected to this system and field information that determines our unique response to anything from petting a cat to being slapped.In fact, the more the number of senses involved in an experience, the more the brain tends to remember it and the deeper the imprint on our emotional systems.Traumatic experiences create deep, long-lasting physical/emotional impressions that do not easily yield to insight alone or resolution in a few therapy sessions, especially if they have been stored and built upon from childhood.

When we are feeling emotionally low, we find that there are many things we can’t seem to do.The truth is that we can’t do anything unless we feel like doing it.Our emotions affect the quality and effectiveness of our actions in a big way.On the other hand, when we are in a heightened state of emotion, we are able to express ourselves in ways that we never thought we could in the place and setting we are in.Positive states and emotions open up to most amazing abilities and talents to display.

This Article is taken from the Book “Transformation of the Heart.”





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