The Importance of Bible Reflection


(Image Credits: Google)

Recent studies have found that however you learn, you will reap the most from careful reflection of your experiences. We all know that daily reflection on our activities and life can have a positive impact, however most often then not, we avoid doing this because either we are too busy or we don’t enjoy it .

Most people feel the same way about exercise too; we don’t necessarily enjoy doing it, but we know that if we keep sometime for regular exercise, the benefits from it far exceed that of any other health plan. It is the same with daily bible reflection. Just reading the bible and the scriptures is not enough. Keeping some time for reflecting on what the scriptures mean will vastly enhance our spiritual well being.

As Christopher J.H. Wright rightly said “God wants a whole society that will together reflect his character of generous justice.” Our priority should not only be carrying about our daily activities but also keeping some time to reflect on God’s words, because at the end of the day, that is what is most important, being close to God.

Now for the part where we don’t always enjoy it, there are many resources available that can guide us to make our reflections enjoyable. We can look at books, videos, audio files and much more. Thanks to the internet, information has become easily accessible, so why not use this to enhance our spiritual life as well. If you’re more comfortable reading books have a look at the book “A home full of mercyby Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia. In this book the entire Gospel of Luke is divided into 135 segments and offers a brief spiritual reflection on each segment.

Other than this, there are many other resources available, all we have to do is keep some time to make a conscious effort for reflection.


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