The Power of Prayer Inspiring God Experiences

The Power of Prayer

By C. P. Varkey SJ

In the course of a decade or so, many people have shared with the Author their prayer /God experiences. He began collecting the write-ups and wrote a book of some of these experiences of people from different walks of life and they deal with a variety of situations.

The Power Of Prayer does not deal with the theology of prayer or the different methods of prayer, rather it is a collection of experiences of people from different walks of life, in which God intervened in a special manner in response to their prayer.

According to the Author, C. P. Varkey SJ, “to get the maximum benefit from this book, it would be wiser to read just one incident at a time and use it for meditation rather than read the whole book in a few sittings”


Walking in the Light Knowing and doing Gods will

Walking in the Light

By Dr Steve Harper

We will never fully or perfectly discern God’s will on every occasion. We will always pray to know God’s will in the context of mystery. But because we are made in the image of God, we have a created instinct to “walk and talk” with God – to hear God’s voice and to obey God’s will. We come with a built-in desire for discernment!

Consequently, we feel a tension between our desire to know God’s will and our confidence in doing it. But this confusion and tension is not God’s wish for us. Discernment, while an inexact experience, is not supposed to be a fearful one. Instead, God has provided insights from scripture and tradition to help us cultivate our praying to know God’s will.

As the author Dr Steve Harper say’s, “ In this Walking in the Light Knowing and doing Gods will book I will share some of my insights and invite you on a journey that can enhance your joy in finding and following God’s will”.

Gospel of the Family, The

Gospel of the Family

by Cardinal Walter Kasper

The Gospel of the Family, contains a lecture given by Cardinal Walter Kasper at the invitation of Pope Francis before the extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals on 20 and 21, February 2014, in Rome.

This lecture should provide a theological basis for the subsequent discussion among the Cardinals, and introduce thereby a theologically grounded, pastoral discussion in the forthcoming synodal process at the extraordinary Synod of the Bishops in fall 2014 and at the ordinary Synod of Bishops in 2015.

This publication does not intend to preempt the response of the Synod; rather, it wants to trigger questions and prepare a foundation for them.

The God We can Know : The “I am” saying of Jesus

God We can Know

By Ros Fuquay

Deep yearnings. The kind of yearnings that make us wonder about life and this world and what it’s all about. They’re part of what binds us together. Even those of us disinterested in religion, and perhaps even faith, often wonder if there is a God; and if so, what does this God have to do with us?

This God We can Know book is about knowing God and, more specifically, knowing God through Jesus. In many ways the Bible is a story of humanity’s attempt to know God and also tells a story of God’s desire to be known. John’s Gospel records a collection of self-revealing statements by Jesus known as the “I Am” sayings. These statements, rich in imagery and steeped in historical meaning, provide powerful insights into the heart of God and God’s desire to know and be known.

The Author Ros Fuquay say’s “Think of the book as a journey into the world where Jesus spoke these sayings. Use all of your senses as you read. Visualise the landscape, smell the sheep pens and the fresh bread. These images are meant to be experienced. God is in these experiences”

The Divine Romance

Divine Romance

By Fulton J. Sheen

The material in this book, forms a unity, beginning as it does with the quest for Life and Truth and Love which is to be found in God. In the chapters that follow some attempt is made, with the aid of revelation, to learn something of the inner Life of God. Love is revealed as going outside of self and creating a moral universe, and Love appears personally to restore the pristine beauty of the moral universe.

The last three chapters show how Love Incarnate , which Christ Himself, continues to live in His new Body, which is the Church; to die through sin on the part of those who “crucify Christ again in their souls,” and finally to rise again in the permanency of His Church with which He abides even to the consummation of the world.

The Divine Romance book is in no sense controversial, seeking as it does to be to a mind what bread is to a starving man. It has already been preached from the “house tops”; it now remains to be written on the fleshy tablets of human hearts, and if one single heart permits that message to be written on by the finger of God, the author will feel that much will already have been done to make this world a better place in which to live.

When God Seems Distant

When God Seems Distant

by Fr. C.Wilson

“When God seems distant” authored by Fr. C.Wilson, CM, is the fruit of the spiritual experience of a true soul born out of deep faith in God and varied human experience.

In this When God Seems Distant book Fr.Wilson has beautifully designed a fifteen-day Spiritual journey with various relevant themes, adapted to the taste of contemporary readers. If seriously followed by a regular fifteen-day reading and reflection, this book would gift the reader a great spiritual awakening, nourishing, nurturing and strengthening of spiritual life and do immense good to the personal, professional and faith of individual with positive energy.

Universally people enjoy life going to parties, theatre, picnic sprees, cocktails etc., as a source of pleasure to satisfy human nature , the Author convincingly proposes a passionate pursuit into the interior self to recognize, relish and commune with God of their heart and experience peace and serenity.

The book “When God seems distant” is a boon not only to Catholic readers but also a blessing to everyone who is seeking for a renewed spiritual life.


Wow Jesus

by Peter Lourdes SDB

In this cyber age when youngsters are savvy with the internet, Fr. Peter Lourdes SDB, got the nod for penning down WOW Jesus from the girls of Loreto Convent, Kolkata.

When he moved to a place next to Kolkata’s famous Loreto Convent, Entally, where Mother Theresa lived there once, he went to Loreto Convent once a week to say Mass to the boarders. And thus began the thought process to compile this book of his homily and sermons he preached to the girls at the Convent.

WOW Jesus speaks to the Children from class 8 to 10 on the spiritual aspect of the Gospel giving it a practical approach to our realistic life. There is a focus on the strong women in the Gospel how inspiring they were to the women of modern times relating some practical life stories and incidents. As Fr. Lourdes says according to the great American scientist George Washington Carver, when asked how did his extraordinary discoveries about plants come about. George Craver said, “When you love something it speaks to you” and that was how Fr. Lourdes came about writing his book.

Fr. Lourdes in his book brought about the philosophy of Emmanuel Kant, was a German philosopher who is widely considered to be a central figure of modern philosophy. As somebody said of him, Kant suggests that the Scripture should be interpreted in terms of moral lessons for us even if that is not their literal meaning……he saw the need of purified Church.

That’s what makes the book so special his method was simple, looked up the Gospel passage of the day: then chose a line or two and then tried to build up the pep talk for the children. The talks were simple and crispy and contemporary to the children and that’s how the book was compiled.

Little Flowers of pope francis

Little Flowers of Pope Francis

By  Rosario Carello

This book contains stories and episodes from various stages in his life: parish priest, rector, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, pope. In the pages that follow there is much to be learnt about Pope Francis. They present a portrait of someone who as a single individual, without doubt, is touching the lives of millions of people.

Bishop John Arnold in his foreword in the Little Flowers of pope francis book says “In his daily life he is showing us how he understands the Gospel message and his response to that understanding. Let us see how much we may learn about him and then consider what that new knowledge and understanding might mean for us”

So much has already changed, and the changes go on. Their completion and their impact will stretch well into the future. The most obvious is the work of the eight Cardinals on the review of the Roman Curia and the assessment of the role the Vatican Bank. Whether intended or not, the making of these changes and the whole style of this Papacy has drawn the interest of millions of people both within the Church and far beyond its membership

The Glories of Mary

Glories of Mary

By St Alphonsus de Liguori

Edited and Abridged by Msgr Charles Dollen

The Life of St Alphonsus Liguori is summed up quite brilliantly in The Catholic Encyclopedia in this way: “Theologian, founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), bishop, Doctor of the Church.

His writings were voluminous, numbering over 100 books. When the number of editions, revisions, translations of his works, and editions by other writers, are totaled, the number exceeds 4,000.Considered by some as the “Father of Moral Theology” his major work was his manual of Moral Theology, which he constantly refined and revised.

Among devotional literature provided by St Alphonsus, probably his book on visits to the Blessed Sacrament, his Way Of  The Cross, and The Glories of Mary are best known.

The devotion that prompted the author to write this book is the same devotion that prompts us to read this book. In this he tried to collect from as many authors as possible, the choicest passages that promote the love of Mary and also hopes that it will help priests when they preach on this subject.

“The plan of this work is that I shall divide and explain this great prayer in separate chapters. In addition I will add some thoughts on the principal festivities and virtues of the Mother of God.” says the author Msgr Charles Dollen about his writings in the book.

Catholic Answers to Christians Fundamentalists Questions

Catholic Answers to Christians Fundamentalists Questions

By Fr Vincent Barboza

In the history of the Catholic Church, right from the first century, there existed sects believing in different doctrines. In the present time also, we have Christian and Non-Christian groups having different doctrines whom we refer to as “New Religious Movements.” The common thing in these groups is that they all accept the Bible as inspired word of God and claim they are “Bible Christians”, and accuse the Catholic Church of not following it. They challenge the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.

The Holy Bible urges us to give an account of our faith. St. Peter says, “Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you” (1 Pt 3:15). The faithful need a book which can help them deal with such a situation and also to feel secure in their faith.

“This Catholic Answers to Christians Fundamentalists Questions booklet is not to be used in an argumentative fashion, but in the spirit of ecumenism and dialogue in order to promote communion among Christians” says Bishop Thomas Dabre Bishop of Vasai.