Springs in the Desert : Learning to read God’s handwriting

Springs in the Desert

By Msgr. Alex Rebello

Over a time frame of fourteen months Monsignor Alex Rebello, wrote these forty auto-biographical vignettes when in the rural and sparsely populated diocese of Wrexham, in the silence and solitude of North Wales.

Monsignor Alex Rebello demonstrates in these meditations that the ordinary events, objects, familiar places, personal encounters, times and seasons of our lives can be rich inspiration for our prayer, taking us to God.

“These are but simple stray streams of random reflections, a motley mix one might say, of a rural pastor with a little flock, and are open to anyone of any faith or of no faith and remain open-ended” say’s Msgr. Alex Rebello.

He shows too how in those daily occurrences there is opportunity to refine our thoughts about the human race and to acknowledge and stand up for the rights and dignity of all, but especially of the most vulnerable.

According to Bishop Peter M. Brignall of the diocese of Wrexham, “This Springs in the Desert volume is an object lesson to us all of how in the busyness of our lives there is the stimulus and opportunity to reflect on the people, places and things that we encounter daily and to raise them to God”


Issues & Challenges in Religious life

Issues and Challenges in Religious Life1

by Anto Prouthur, SVD

In this fast paced society of ours where the comforts of life are now easily accessible, religious life too is undergoing an Identity Crisis over the past half a century.

But in the Asian Continent religious is still balanced and possibly thriving. Why? Our religious are deep rooted even before Christianity itself.

This Issues & Challenges in Religious life book is a collection of articles previously published in publications such as In Christo, Third Millennium and Led by the Spirit, of which consent has been taken from the publishers and Editors to republish.

This book gives an insight to the religious to cope up with the present identity taken, and written for easy reading and understanding to the simple religious and tries to answer their important questions.

“A need has arisen for the religious to take a fresh look at our identity, the pledges we make and the spiritual tradition we adhere to” says Archbishop Thomas Menamparamil, Apostolic Administrator, Jowai, Meghalaya in his Foreword in this book