St. Francis Xavier


By Dr. George Marangoly

This book encapsulates the life of the missionary St. Francis Xavier in India and be a source of inspiration for Priests, Religious, Missionaries and lay people alike.

St. Francis Xavier has many decorations attached to his name! He is known as the “Defender of the East”,  “Protector of Goa, and also “The Apostle of the Indies” (the Indies are the countries spread to the east from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, including India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Indonesia).

On 14 December 1927 Pope Pius XI had declared the saint, the protector of the Missions and Missionaries throughout the world. In a short span of ten years (May 1542 to December 1552) his travels covered many thousands of miles, visited many countries, preached the Gospel to countless people from so many nations, and succeeded in baptizing and converting so many souls to the Christian faith.

Says Dr. George Marangoly , “I thank the Almighty for favouring me with the ability to write such a book on one of the finest missionaries of all time after Paul!

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