What Think You of Christ

What Think You of Christ

By Brother Andrew

Just on two thousand years ago, a child born in Israel grew up as an unknown village carpenter. His name was Jesus Christ. He rose in the morning, bathed, dressed, ate the meal his mother had prepared, worked at his trade, grew weary, rested, and at night fell asleep.

At the age of thirty, he left his village, his home and his trade for three short years he travelled the country preaching a strange and powerful message that won him the hearts of some and violent hatred from others. Yet today, 2000 years later, that same message still grips the hearts of men in love when they hear it, or else it makes them fight fiercely against it. What is the explanation? Why these extreme reactions?

The pages that follow are an attempt to answer these questions by sketching the life of Christ. The author’s task is ambitious in the extreme, and he will allow the events of those few years to speak for themselves, without adding anything of his own.

“This is not a book for scholars or even for students. It is a book for the sincere, for the simple pilgrim searching for God. May He who loves you greatly bless your steps” says the author Brother Andrew.

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