Vatican II A Gift & A Task

vatican gift and task

By Jacob Kavunkal, Errol D’Lima, Evelyn Monteiro

The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) showcased a Church, hopeful and vibrant, in its continuing service to the world. The initiative of Pope John XXIII had borne fruit as reflected in the Council’s proceedings and in its sixteen documents.

Had the vision given to the Fathers in the Council by the Spirit continued to guide the Church? How far had the Council enabled the Church to grow and respond to the demands of a changing world?

Forty years, though short in the total history of the Church, is long enough for us to review the effects of Vatican II both in the Church and the world.

In the fortieth anniversary Jnana – Deepa Vidyapeeth organized an international colloquium to reflect on Vatican II as a gift given by the Spirit of the Church and, at the same time, a task the Church was to accomplish.

The book addresses the papers written by the writers and the discussion at the colloquium, yielded theological insight and inspiration and these were discussed in general sessions. The colloquium highlighted the major issues and concern that the Church still needs to address and these reflected in the final report. Hopefully, this volume will be of service to the Churches in India and elsewhere.

The colloquium gave expression to a hope that in spite of the obstacles in its implementation, the vision of Vatican II will continue to be realized by all God’s People who are not afraid to be led by God’s Spirit.

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