Saint Companions for Each Day

Saint companions

By  A.J.M. Mausolfe & J.K. Mausolfe
The Catholic Church is the Mother of Saints with pearls of many hues. Her Saints are drawn from all walks of life. There is not a single profession or vocational path of life which cannot find its pattern among the galaxy of Saints. As for ourselves, we “are fellow – citizens with the saints”, says St. Paul (Eph 2:19).

In fact, the Saints are part of our family – our ancestors. Each of us can have a spiritual family tree, and what is more, we could choose our own individual favourites, those that match our ideals or suit our goals! This is a family album of our wonderful relatives in the universal Catholic family.

St. John Chrysostom says: “We have a mirror for our souls in remembering holy men and recounting their blessed life history. In this mirror you will behold the blemishes which disfigure your soul”.

The present work is prepared in accordance with the Ordo of the new Roman Missal. Completely revised and fully researched for authenticity of detail and for the purpose of providing clarity as regards circumstances prevailing at any given time, this volume includes the lives of the newly canonized and beatified, one for every day of the year, making it truly a companion for each single day!

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