Living the Beatitudes Reflections and Practices For Teen

Lving the Beatitudes1

By Connie Clark

Your destiny is yours and yours alone. No one knows it. No one except God. So what does this have to do with the Beatitudes? Everything, really. Because when you make the Beatitudes your own, you are destined for happiness.

What does “a life of beatitude” mean? A life of beatitude seeks beauty. But people who live a life of beatitude have their eyes trained on a wider view. They find beauty even in the ugliest of places.  A life of beatitude is also about happiness.

When Jesus says the poor in spirit are “blessed”, he’s talking about a blessed happiness light years beyond our imaginings. The “beatific vision” is the happiness of the saints in the presence of God.

According to the Author, Connie Clark, “One of the many amazing things about the Beatitudes is that you might see something in them that really speaks to you”.

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