The Word Through Eastern Eye

Word Through Eastern Eyes

By Cedric Rebello sj

Vatican Council II rejoices at the good in all religions, paying singular tribute to Buddhism for its awareness of the insufficiency of this passing world; to Hinduism for seeking release from our limited human condition through ascetical practices, deep meditation and a trusting flight to God; and finally to Islam for its adoration to one God, living, enduring merciful and powerful.

While we rejoice in the universal appeal of Christ, we cannot at the same time ignore the invaluable insights of the mystic mind of the much revered sages and sufi saints of the eastern religions, awakening us to the sacredness of all life.

“It is against the backdrop of this universality, the book, ‘The Word Through Eastern Eyes’ seeks not to interpret but merely view God’s Word through the prism of the awakened Eastern mind in order to draw from the wellsprings of divine wisdom beyond religions” says the author Cedric Rebello sj.

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