Church Humour

church humour

By Judson K. Cornelius

“Life is so filled with stress and strain that we could not possibly endure without some comic relief” says Bishop James K. Mathews, The United Methodist Church, in his Foreword in the book. Laughter is good medicine, moreover it is free.

This book According to the Author, Judson K. Cornelius, is a labour of love for him. This volume does not make any scholarly pretentions and is a compilation of amusing jokes, anecdotes, verses, puns, quips, quotes, spoonerisms, etc.

Sacrilege, crudity and unsocial uproars find no place in this book.

By portraying in humorous and anecdotal form the varied life of the preacher and his relationship with his parishioners and the world at large, Church Humour enlarges the boundaries of cheer and warmth.

This book is a sure antidote to gloom for all readers it will be particularly useful to preachers, teachers, social workers and to all those who are called to work with and for other people

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