The Bible Quiz Book

Bible Quiz Book - Copy

By Fr C. Joseph

This collection of Bible quizzes is brought up to date for Sunday School Children and their teachers. The book can be used to conduct a quiz session or a Bible related game. All teachers of the Bible will find in this book a comprehensive supply of questions to test any standard of knowledge of the new revised standard version of the Bible.

For Children it will prove a treasure chest of miscellaneous and exciting information, and it is hoped that curiosity may lead them on from the fascination of the questions to reading the stories in the Bible itself.

“I am sure that it will be of great help to all sections of God’s people and particularly for the teachers of faith and student community” says the Bishop of Kohima, +Most Rev. James Thoppil.

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St. Francis Xavier


By Dr. George Marangoly

This book encapsulates the life of the missionary St. Francis Xavier in India and be a source of inspiration for Priests, Religious, Missionaries and lay people alike.

St. Francis Xavier has many decorations attached to his name! He is known as the “Defender of the East”,  “Protector of Goa, and also “The Apostle of the Indies” (the Indies are the countries spread to the east from the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, including India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Indonesia).

On 14 December 1927 Pope Pius XI had declared the saint, the protector of the Missions and Missionaries throughout the world. In a short span of ten years (May 1542 to December 1552) his travels covered many thousands of miles, visited many countries, preached the Gospel to countless people from so many nations, and succeeded in baptizing and converting so many souls to the Christian faith.

Says Dr. George Marangoly , “I thank the Almighty for favouring me with the ability to write such a book on one of the finest missionaries of all time after Paul!

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What Think You of Christ

What Think You of Christ

By Brother Andrew

Just on two thousand years ago, a child born in Israel grew up as an unknown village carpenter. His name was Jesus Christ. He rose in the morning, bathed, dressed, ate the meal his mother had prepared, worked at his trade, grew weary, rested, and at night fell asleep.

At the age of thirty, he left his village, his home and his trade for three short years he travelled the country preaching a strange and powerful message that won him the hearts of some and violent hatred from others. Yet today, 2000 years later, that same message still grips the hearts of men in love when they hear it, or else it makes them fight fiercely against it. What is the explanation? Why these extreme reactions?

The pages that follow are an attempt to answer these questions by sketching the life of Christ. The author’s task is ambitious in the extreme, and he will allow the events of those few years to speak for themselves, without adding anything of his own.

“This is not a book for scholars or even for students. It is a book for the sincere, for the simple pilgrim searching for God. May He who loves you greatly bless your steps” says the author Brother Andrew.

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Saint Companions for Each Day

Saint companions

By  A.J.M. Mausolfe & J.K. Mausolfe
The Catholic Church is the Mother of Saints with pearls of many hues. Her Saints are drawn from all walks of life. There is not a single profession or vocational path of life which cannot find its pattern among the galaxy of Saints. As for ourselves, we “are fellow – citizens with the saints”, says St. Paul (Eph 2:19).

In fact, the Saints are part of our family – our ancestors. Each of us can have a spiritual family tree, and what is more, we could choose our own individual favourites, those that match our ideals or suit our goals! This is a family album of our wonderful relatives in the universal Catholic family.

St. John Chrysostom says: “We have a mirror for our souls in remembering holy men and recounting their blessed life history. In this mirror you will behold the blemishes which disfigure your soul”.

The present work is prepared in accordance with the Ordo of the new Roman Missal. Completely revised and fully researched for authenticity of detail and for the purpose of providing clarity as regards circumstances prevailing at any given time, this volume includes the lives of the newly canonized and beatified, one for every day of the year, making it truly a companion for each single day!

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Living the Beatitudes Reflections and Practices For Teen

Lving the Beatitudes1

By Connie Clark

Your destiny is yours and yours alone. No one knows it. No one except God. So what does this have to do with the Beatitudes? Everything, really. Because when you make the Beatitudes your own, you are destined for happiness.

What does “a life of beatitude” mean? A life of beatitude seeks beauty. But people who live a life of beatitude have their eyes trained on a wider view. They find beauty even in the ugliest of places.  A life of beatitude is also about happiness.

When Jesus says the poor in spirit are “blessed”, he’s talking about a blessed happiness light years beyond our imaginings. The “beatific vision” is the happiness of the saints in the presence of God.

According to the Author, Connie Clark, “One of the many amazing things about the Beatitudes is that you might see something in them that really speaks to you”.

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Vatican II A Gift & A Task

vatican gift and task

By Jacob Kavunkal, Errol D’Lima, Evelyn Monteiro

The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) showcased a Church, hopeful and vibrant, in its continuing service to the world. The initiative of Pope John XXIII had borne fruit as reflected in the Council’s proceedings and in its sixteen documents.

Had the vision given to the Fathers in the Council by the Spirit continued to guide the Church? How far had the Council enabled the Church to grow and respond to the demands of a changing world?

Forty years, though short in the total history of the Church, is long enough for us to review the effects of Vatican II both in the Church and the world.

In the fortieth anniversary Jnana – Deepa Vidyapeeth organized an international colloquium to reflect on Vatican II as a gift given by the Spirit of the Church and, at the same time, a task the Church was to accomplish.

The book addresses the papers written by the writers and the discussion at the colloquium, yielded theological insight and inspiration and these were discussed in general sessions. The colloquium highlighted the major issues and concern that the Church still needs to address and these reflected in the final report. Hopefully, this volume will be of service to the Churches in India and elsewhere.

The colloquium gave expression to a hope that in spite of the obstacles in its implementation, the vision of Vatican II will continue to be realized by all God’s People who are not afraid to be led by God’s Spirit.

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The Word Through Eastern Eye

Word Through Eastern Eyes

By Cedric Rebello sj

Vatican Council II rejoices at the good in all religions, paying singular tribute to Buddhism for its awareness of the insufficiency of this passing world; to Hinduism for seeking release from our limited human condition through ascetical practices, deep meditation and a trusting flight to God; and finally to Islam for its adoration to one God, living, enduring merciful and powerful.

While we rejoice in the universal appeal of Christ, we cannot at the same time ignore the invaluable insights of the mystic mind of the much revered sages and sufi saints of the eastern religions, awakening us to the sacredness of all life.

“It is against the backdrop of this universality, the book, ‘The Word Through Eastern Eyes’ seeks not to interpret but merely view God’s Word through the prism of the awakened Eastern mind in order to draw from the wellsprings of divine wisdom beyond religions” says the author Cedric Rebello sj.

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Consecrated Life Challenges and Opportunities

Consecrated Life

By Fr. George Kaitholil, SSP

If consecrated life has to be lived genuinely then it is necessary to understand the basic values of religious life anew.

The interest in spiritual life has decreased a lot especially with the religious because of the excessive influence of the worldly comforts/things.

This book brings out the need to transform the religious life and arrive at a new awakening.

The first part of the book in brief gives a view of the three evangelical counsels, i.e. the virtues of chastity, poverty and obedience in the light of spiritual theology and religious life.

The second part deals with the trends, challenges and opportunities that the religious face today.

According to Fr. George Kaitholil, this book is meant to be an eye opener to all of us especially the religious, so that we may understand our mission in the current situation and respond to it meaningfully.

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Church Humour

church humour

By Judson K. Cornelius

“Life is so filled with stress and strain that we could not possibly endure without some comic relief” says Bishop James K. Mathews, The United Methodist Church, in his Foreword in the book. Laughter is good medicine, moreover it is free.

This book According to the Author, Judson K. Cornelius, is a labour of love for him. This volume does not make any scholarly pretentions and is a compilation of amusing jokes, anecdotes, verses, puns, quips, quotes, spoonerisms, etc.

Sacrilege, crudity and unsocial uproars find no place in this book.

By portraying in humorous and anecdotal form the varied life of the preacher and his relationship with his parishioners and the world at large, Church Humour enlarges the boundaries of cheer and warmth.

This book is a sure antidote to gloom for all readers it will be particularly useful to preachers, teachers, social workers and to all those who are called to work with and for other people

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